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Client Testimonials

We had a hard time finding a provider that would handle both plan administration and investments. INTRUST’s one-stop business model is getting rarer but was absolutely key to my business decision in selecting a retirement plan manager. Plus, it was especially important to us to find a partner like INTRUST who would accept the fiduciary responsibility for the plan’s investment choices. I’ve appreciated having one point of contact to assist me in operating the plan and believe that INTRUST is really working in my employees’ best interest.

With INTRUST, we’re not tied to one proprietary fund family. We have the whole world of mutual funds available with our “managed accounts”. The employees find it easy to choose their options and track their performance. The INTRUST team has helped us get to 95% participation.

The greatest INTRUST difference? That it’s one stop, easy to get to the person you need, and they demonstrate interest in you. They’re in-house, they’re trustworthy, and they’re good people. And they do what they say they’re going to do. It’s really just old school “take care of your client."


Jim Gutchow

Chief Financial Officer

John A Marshall Company

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We have worked with INTRUST for years and have always found their service to be comprehensive and exceptional. I can’t imagine anyone we would trust more with the enormous fiduciary responsibility of managing our retirement plan. They’re good people and the information they provide to us and our employees is valuable. They’ve always helped us know when it’s time to make changes or improvements to the plan. They take care of us, and that, in turn, takes care of our staff. They’re wonderful, we love working with INTRUST.

Our retirement plan is a huge employee benefit. The hospital contributes a lot of money toward this benefit each year. We have to know that our money, our employees’ money, is handled well and that we have a sound fiduciary relationship. That’s INTRUST—our fiduciary and definitely our partner.


Gay Kimble

Director of Human Resources

Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital

Susan B. Allen Logo

As the largest flatbed carrier in the United States, we have a large number of our 1,000 employees on the road most of the time. NestEgg U is just as mobile to meet our education needs. They travel to us, wherever we are. And when there’s an NestEgg U presentation, Melton employees line up.

A lot of the time, providers speak their own language, and people don’t get it. NestEgg U goes the extra mile to translate with simple, real-life examples. They connect and Melton employees respond. You see it in participation numbers that have risen by a good 25 percent in less than two years’ time.

Plus, our INTRUST relationship manager is very proactive. He often lets us know of changes we need before we know we need them. I’ve worked on some very large retirement plans that I thought were well administered, but INTRUST and NestEgg U raise the bar!


Shelly Fisher

Benefits Manager

Melton Truck Lines, Inc.

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