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Our Approach

A Message from Troy Jordan, Division Director

Troy Jordan

Making choices about career paths or how to save enough for a secure future can be complicated, especially when there are so many options to consider. Gathering information makes the process easier. The more informed we are, the clearer the right choice becomes.

Choosing your retirement plan provider is one of several important decisions you undertake for your business. At INTRUST Retirement, we know making that decision can be overwhelming. We believe once you take a little bit of time and get to know us, learn who we are and why we do what we do, your decision will be easy.

INTRUST Retirement is as good as the people that deliver our services. I’m proud to say INTRUST Retirement has an experienced team of experts who are dedicated to each client relationship. I am proud of the INTRUST team and sure of their ability to meet the needs of plan sponsors and their employees. That’s why I confidently empower each of our professionals to make immediate decisions and quickly solve problems. As a result, we’re nimble, efficient and effective.

The INTRUST Retirement business model is simple: We help people prepare for retirement. We understand that retirement plan participants and their employers need customized plans that support their goals, and that’s what we deliver. We do that with objectivity, offering options that work for your plan and your employees, not plans that simply work for us. Everyone at INTRUST Retirement knows the single most important goal of our organization is to help plan participants save enough for their retirement. It’s a part of our DNA.

INTRUST Retirement’s commitment to successful outcomes was the founding principal behind the creation of NestEgg University (“NestEgg U”), our participant education program. This program takes participants from Spender, to Saver, to Investor, to Planner using education modules. NestEgg U’s education philosophy is to inform employees about the importance of saving for their retirement, teach them a little about investing, and then help them plan for their retirement. Whether NestEgg U is educating someone who is thinking about participating for the very first time, or talking with someone who is ready to increase their contribution for retirement, NestEgg U offers answers, guidance and confidence.

INTRUST Retirement is willing to serve in a fiduciary role. Quite simply put, this means we will be a discretionary trustee and assume the fiduciary responsibility for selecting, monitoring, and replacing investment options offered in your qualified plan. We’ve been serving in this capacity for more than 20 years. Clients benefit by our fiduciary approach to defining and implementing sound investment strategies. We don’t offer in-house or proprietary mutual funds. Because of this, we take an objective approach in choosing the investment options offered to participants. Our decisions are based solely on the manager’s proven performance and adherence to their stated investment approach.

If you’re looking for a true partner in administering your qualified plan, look no further than INTRUST Retirement. To us, “partnership” means personal relationships, proactive problem-solving and dedicated relationship managers who will meet your unique needs.

I invite you to hear from our clients and their experiences with INTRUST.

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