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Investment Services

INTRUST Retirement invests with your employees in mind.

Objectively selecting investments puts participant interests first.

Our clients appreciate the objectivity we bring to every element of managing their plan, particularly their investments. INTRUST avoids the conflicts of interest inherent in proprietary investment products, which lets us provide objective and unbiased advice. We select managers based on demonstrated skill and monitor them to minimize plan sponsor risk.

At INTRUST Retirement, we demonstrate objectivity in everything we do. We’re wired as a fiduciary—it’s in our DNA—and we’ve been operating in this capacity for 20 years. That means we always put the interest of our clients first. We demonstrate objectivity by:

  • Offering no proprietary funds—allowing us to be completely objective in our fund selection.
  • Offering maximum diversification—lessening risk to the extent possible while allowing the participant to construct a portfolio with risk and return characteristics within the participant’s desired range
  • Keeping the participant’s best interest in mind—the driving force behind all our investment decisions.

INTRUST provides ongoing due diligence to minimize plan sponsor risk, enhance opportunities for employees, and ensure a best practices retirement plan. We focus on:

  • Selecting and monitoring the plan's investment options;
  • Educating the plan fiduciaries on their fiduciary responsibilities; and
  • Documenting procedural prudence in the selection and monitoring process.

Learn more about INTRUST’s approach to investment management by visiting the pages listed below.

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