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Participant Education

INTRUST Retirement has answers for your employees.

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Educated participants have more successful retirement outcomes.

Our clients prove it year after year. Knowledge is the key to successful retirement outcomes. Informed, confident employees see the importance of saving. And they do more of it.

INTRUST recognizes that everyone is at a different place on their path toward retirement. For 18 years, we have been committed to educating plan participants and showing them the steps needed to achieve a better retirement outcome. We know that effective education includes more than simply presenting investment choices at enrollment meetings. We’re dedicated to an education program that helps a participant develop a retirement plan that is:

  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Personal

Our education program is called NestEgg U, a program carefully designed to educate employees and plan participants about saving for retirement using a curriculum that will meet the unique needs of each individual. We invite you to learn more about NestEgg U here.

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