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NestEgg U

NestEgg U Chalkboard

NestEgg U is an interactive, educational program for retirement plan participants. Access to NestEgg U is provided to all of our qualified plan sponsor clients. At NestEgg U, education is not an elective—it is a requirement. Similar to other institutions of higher learning, NestEgg U is headed by a “Dean” who establishes the curriculum and drives the learning process.

Meet the Dean


The Dean has based NestEgg U’s approach toward retirement planning on a simple concept:

We each have a retirement bucket to fill and that bucket features three elements:

  1. The outside: your individual dreams and plans for retirement
  2. The inside: where your savings go
  3. The handle: your personal responsibility to pick up and own the process of retirement savings and planning

NestEgg U’s unique approach to traditional 401(k) education features a progressive five year course schedule that leads plan participants as they move from:

5 year course

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