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Our Values

Great relationships are established and strengthened by individual and shared character qualities. Customers, employees, shareholders, strategic partners, and communities focused on building character provide the greatest prospect for growth and mutual benefit.

Therefore, INTRUST will consistently seek, celebrate and continually develop these character qualities in all of our relationships:

  • Humility. Recognizing that everyone is a work in process, and understanding our own strengths and weaknesses while acknowledging the significant worth and contribution of others.
  • Respect. Assuming the value of others and treating them as we would like to be treated.
  • Faithfulness. Protecting the reputation and assets of others.
  • Discretion. Ensuring the confidentiality of our relationships, and understanding the consequences of words, actions and attitudes.
  • Responsibility. Striving to do what we commit to, accurately, dependably and on time.
  • Honesty. Relating to all people in a sincere, clear, and straightforward manner, knowing what is right and true.
  • Compassion. Being understanding, forgiving, kind and helpful toward others.
  • Decisiveness. Being prepared to the point of confidence in making timely decisions.
  • Initiative. Recognizing and doing what needs to be done, and striving to continuously improve all we do.
  • Wisdom. Knowing what is right and using available resources to make decisions, seeking advice when necessary.
  • Fresh Thinking. Approaching the future with respect for the past, while creating innovative solutions for a rapidly changing environment.
  • Positivity. Looking for the best in every situation and in all people.
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