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Investment Design

One of the fundamental steps a plan sponsor can take to facilitate “retirement ready” participants is to provide understandable investment options. Many participants benefit from target date or managed investments. Some participants want to construct and manage their own portfolio using a line-up of choices. A few will want the freedom to manage their retirement dollars in a wide-open brokerage arrangement. INTRUST Retirement can accommodate all these approaches, and do it in a disciplined way to minimize any unnecessary risk.

Different asset classes:

  • Equity Funds (both domestic and international)
  • Fixed Income Funds
  • Stable Value Funds
  • Target Date Funds

Equity Funds with different market capitalizations:

INTRUST Retirement Equity Investments




Large CAP ($9.3 billion or greater)
Medium (Mid) CAP ($1.4 billion to $9.3 billion)
Small CAP (Less than $1.4 billion)

Fixed Income Funds with different maturities:

Fixed Income Pie Chart

In an effort to assist participants in reaching their long-term goals, INTRUST offers a broad range of investment choices. We do this because we want to help participants achieve successful retirement outcomes. We also recognize that participants may want the flexibility in constructing their investment portfolio. That is why INTRUST offers several distinct approaches:

  1. Professional Management with Constructed Models
  2. Individualized Investment Advice
  3. Participant Directed
  1. Core line-up
  2. Brokerage window
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